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Compare the Best Banks | Find the best banks , top checking and savings accounts .The growth of online banking certainly doesn’t mean the end of traditional banking: 87% of respondents in this Federal Reserve study still went to branches in 2014 to access their accounts. While we may no longer need a branch for most day-to-day banking, many customers still want the option, especially for more complex transactions.

Chase Bank fares far better than its big-bank competitors in a major customer satisfaction survey, scoring above average in more than half the regions where it has retail locations. Chase also offers almost any financial product you need, whether that’s a basic checking account, a home equity loan, or a private investment advisor.

Wells Fargo has the most locations of any U.S. bank, and they are spread across nearly every region. Branches include several “stores within a store” — small locations inside of grocery stores, meant to make in-person banking more convenient.

Discover Bank – offers a lot more: IRAs; home, personal, and student loans; and an array of credit cards. You’ll be able to withdraw cash from a whopping 60,000 ATMs nationwide without paying a fee.